Why Choose Screw Machine Parts?

Screw Machine Parts manufacturing services

SM Specialties is a precision machining manufacturer for customer screw machine part requirements. By operating as a Swiss screw machine parts manufacturer, SM Specialties serves OEM customers as a dedicated TIER 1 or 2 supplier for their custom design product needs. The core strength of our company is the ability to hold tight machining tolerances for complex screw machine parts used in various applications.

The original equipment manufacturer applications include: Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Off-Highway, Industrial Machinery, Oil and Filtration Industries. Since 1995, SM Specialties manufacturing services have been trusted OEM companies – helping grow our supplier function by manufacturing high quality screw machine parts at a competitive prices.

Precision Machining Capabilities

In addition, we have in-house capabilities to provide a number of secondary services and finishing operations. With the use of high efficiency manufacturing procedures and JIT delivery, a cost savings is created and shared to the end customer. On average the manufactured product cost savings realization is 10-15% in some cases.

The CNC machining department has the ability to manufacture precision CNC milled parts from common material grades, including: PEEK Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Carbon, Chrome, Copper, Precious Metals, Titanium and Zinc.

Our Supply Chain team can handle production volumes from thousands to millions. We offer a just-in-time delivery program from several warehouse locations in the United States, Mexico and Western Europe.

Swiss turning manufacturer services for precision made screw machine parts