Screw Machine Specialties - Screw Machine Specialties provide precision machined parts, manufactured to your print specifications. OEM sourcing, product development specialists, that increase your bottom line. TS16949/QS9000 approved facilities.

Screw Machine Parts - CNC Turned PartsPrecision Machining and Manufacturing Services to World Class OEMs in a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets

Product Packaging, Labeling and Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management team provides JIT deliveries; you will not worry about having overstocking issue. Theese Inventory Management Programs are completed from our 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse located in New Jersey.

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Precision turning - screw machine parts Supplier for OEMs in the United States and Mexico

We provide screw machining services to manufacture, CNC turned parts to your blueprint specifications. Our TS16949/QS9000 approved manufacturing facilities ensure cost efficient production to help increase your bottom line and product quality. Learn more about our screw machine parts and inventory management:

SERVICE PORTFOLIO - Examples of our Work:

Our facilities can also perform various secondary operations as well as multiple-spindle products. This is a result of having TS16949 protocol enforcement and utilizing fast-change equipment, attachments and specialty parts. By using high efficiency manufacturing, we have the ability to produce precision parts that reduce your typical costs by 10-15% or more!

The latest CAD and CAM technology allow for improved accuracy and automation during the turning process. What's the end result? Screw Machine Specialties can provide consistent, identical, rapid CNC machining services.

Our Swiss CNC machines can supply an vast amount of various material types including: PEEK Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Carbon, Chrome, Copper, Precious Metals, Titanium and Zinc. The Supply Chain team can handle production volumes from thousands to millions. We offer a just-in-time delivery program from our warehouses in New Jersey and Mexico. This allows us to support any corporate kanban inventory systems with fast turn around times.

AmTech International: Original Equipment Manufacturers around the World rely on AmTech International for high quality custom gears, shafts, housings, gearboxes and assemblies.

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