Machining Services & Capabilities

SM Specialties is committed to delivering high value screw machining services to OEM customers. In order to provide first-class, precision machining services for your custom made parts, we keep all machining equipment, tools, gauges and QC fixtures regularly maintained. We strive to implement the most cost-efficient manufacturing techniques within our plant locations.

Our Engineering, Production and Quality Control Departments are continuously educated with best practice guidelines and innovations within the precision machining industry.

How does the machining process work?

The precision machining process begins with machining tool, which cuts or mills excess metal from a raw material workpiece. To accurately manufacture the desired product, the machinery must operate in specific directions required to make the correct cut. The direct movement is labeled as cutting speed.

The material workpiece is also moved during the machining cycle. This is referred as a secondary motion of material feed. By meticulously handling the CNC machining speeds and material feeding motions – plus the strength, sharpness and durability of machine cutting tool – will produce the precision machining operation.

Precision machining capabilities

  • Process and Support Engineering
  • Multiple Secondary Operation Capability
  • CNC Turning, Milling
  • Broaching, Slotting, Bending and Crimping
  • Thread Rolling
  • Centerless Grinding, Through-feed and In-feed Grinding
  • Heat Treating, Plating and Coating
  • Special Packaging
  • PPAPs, Process Capabilities and First Articles

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