CNC Turning & Milling

Overview & Capabilities

CNC Milling products

Screw Machine Specialties has over 20 years of experience in CNC turning operations. Our precision machining facility offers high volume, mass production CNC milling centers, which can handle product dimensions up to 48″ x 24″ (vertical milling) and 36″ x 48″ (horizontal milling). These specialized CNC machining stations can process very tight product dimension tolerances (depending upon part complexity).

Our industry expertise ensures that SM Specialties serves as a trusted OEM supplier in the automotive, agriculture, off-highway, industrial machinery, medical and electrical industries.

In CNC turning a computer-automated lathe moves along a rotating piece of material such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or copper. The lathe cuts the material in the shape and size required for the end part. The CNC turning process can also involve facing of the component as well as boring. Depending on the specific industry requirements the CNC turning methods can be customized to produce an effective screw machine product or part.

CNC milling is a common milling process which creates precise components quickly and accurately. We utilize a variety of cutting tools which enable specified part shapes. From electronic terminals to fuel injector parts, our CNC milling capabilities produce an effective solution for screw machine parts.

Our parts go through a full line of physical inspections including: CMM, Rockwell hardness, and a variety of contour and dimension measurements. A wide range of functional testing is also available such as rust resistance salt spray, high speed rotation balance, torque, and magnetic flux as well as many others.

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