Precision Grinding

Overview & Capabilities

Screw Machines Specialties precision grinds screw machine parts as a secondary process during high volume CNC production runs. Typically, centerless grinding is performed on product types such as: shafts, gears, joints, terminals, housings and adapters. All parts machined from a large variety of materials including steel, aluminum. plastics are ground with precision tolerances, and we have the capability to grind parts up to 12” in diameter and up to 36” in length.

We offer the following grinding services for customer-supplied products:

  • In-Feed
  • Plunge
  • Profile
  • Thru-Feed

Thru-Feed Centerless Grinding

This type of precision grinding is ideal for machined metal parts that require the major outside diameter ground. When there are no “centers” and only the outermost OD needs to be ground, the parts can be fed down a chute and between two grinding wheels that spin the part and remove the surface.

  • Part diameters from .045″ (1.14 mm) through 1.0″ (25.4 mm)
  • Large range of part lengths
  • Maximum efficiency grinding
  • Minimum cost grinding
  • Grinding after heat treating eliminates distortion

Infeed, Plunge and Profile Centerless Grinding

We also offer In-Feed Centerless Grinding for parts that typically have more complex profiles along their lengths.   In-feed differs from through-feed in that the part is plunged radially by the grinder wheel rather than being fed axially. In-Feed grinding is typically faster and more economical than multi-step grinding processes.

  • Part diameters from  .045″ (1.14 mm) through 1.0″ (25.4 mm)
  • Multiple outside diameters
  • Best method for maintaining diametric relationships
  • Complex profiles
  • Complex radii
  • Flats and slots ground with more precision than conventional milling
  • Grind post heat treatment to eliminate distortion

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