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Multi Spindle Screw Machine Component: Kynar Fitting

Swiss Screw Machining ProjectA customer in the water purification industry was in need of a precision specialty fitting that would hold up in a very corrosive environment. The material selected for this part was kynar, a thermoplastic in the fluoropolymer family; used in applications requiring the high strength, and resistance to solvents, and acids. Screw Machine Specialties precision Multi Spindle Screw Machine services produced the part to the customer's specifications, which required the use of a multi spindle screw machine.

The fitting measured 1.938" in length, with an O.D. of .750", and I.D. of .160", and required tolerances of +.000"/-.003", at ±1/2. Quality process included CMM dimensional measurements and balancing to 8,000 rpm. The total run of this kynar end fitting was 425,000 finished pieces.

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Kynar Fitting Project Highlights:

Product Description
  • This kynar fitting is used within highly corrosive fluid applications.
Swiss Screw Machining Capabilities & Applied/Processes
  • Part completed on a screw machine
    • Rough & Finish Turn Side 1 & Side 2
    • Drill Holes on O.D.
    • Drill & Counter Bore Hole On O.D.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Length: 1.938"
  • O.D.: Ø.750
  • I.D.: Ø.160
Tightest Tolerances
  • +.000"/-.003"
  • ±1/2"
Material Used
  • Kynar Plastic
    • High Dielectric Strength
    • High Mechanical Strength
    • High Chemical Resistance
Material Finish
  • N/A
In process testing/inspection performed
  • Dimension inspection by CMM
  • Part was tested on balancing machine at 8,000 RPM
Estimated Part Weight
  • 0.3 OZ
Industry for Use
  • Water Purification
  • Fluid Handling
  • Food Processing
Production Volume
  • 425,000
Delivery Location
  • South Carolina
Standards Met
  • Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
  • Kynar End Fitting

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